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  • COBB Access Tuner – Mazda 3 ,Subaru STIs, EvoX
  • COBB Access Port
  • Hondata ECU Enhancement
  • Uprev ECU Reflashes & Tuning

COBB Access Tuner – Mazda 3, Subaru STIs, EvoX

COBB Access Port

The AccessPORT is one of the easiest modifications you can make to your high performance vehicle. No tools are needed and no computer connection is required. Just plug the AccessPORT into the OBD-II port under the dashboard and follow the simple step-by-step on-screen instructions. In just a few minutes you will have a new performance map loaded on your ECU and you will be ready to experience the additional power and drivability of a proper tune for your modifications.

The AccessPORT can store up to 20 maps so you can be ready for any challenge. Use the Change Map function to browse the maps stored on your AccessPORT and select the map most appropriate for what you want to do. Parking your car overnight? Load the Anti-Theft map. Handing your car over to a valet for dinner? Switch to the Valet map to prevent abuse. Running down the drag strip to beat your last ET? Fill up the tank with race gas and load up your race fuel map. Heading out on a long boring highway drive? Perfect time for that fuel economy map.

Hondata Honda ECU Modification & Enhancement

Nothing runs a Honda engine as well as Honda ECU. End of story. If your car is a daily driver then this is the system for you. If you are tuning a race only car where starting and idling is not a concern, and you need features that Hondata does not offer, like control of 8 injectors, then you will need to consider other systems. Running a Hondata system will not limit your power though.

Hondata modifies standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the ECU (e.g. for forced induction). There are 2 basic product categories. The first category includes fully tunable systems for B-series, D-series, H-series and F-series engines. The second includes reflashes and fully programmable systems for K-series engines.

UpRev Engine Management Solutions

UpRev, LLC is a new company dedicated to providing innovative products for the import after-market. With a focus on data collection and calibration systems, they strive to become the premier choice for the enthusiasts and professionals who work with today’s exciting new vehicles. As vehicle manufacturers utilize more electronic controls with each model year, the need and demand for specialized equipment continues to grow. UpRev is here to deliver.

At UpRev, each new product is conceived with a specific vehicle and purpose in mind. They believe this focus enables them to deliver products that are efficient, intelligent and complete. They research each vehicle’s unique control system in depth to gain a full understanding of the operation and functions. They then apply this understanding to focus in the development of their software and hardware designs, which ensures that their customers will have the tools needed to unlock the full potential of their vehicle.
We utilize UpRev’s PC based reflash system (Osiris) allowing the user to flash their ECU with customized tuning.

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