Vehicle Tuning Tuner Profile


Advance Power House is extremely proud to employ one of Toronto’s top vehicle tuners. With countless years of tuning and racing experience, Brian Wong has been able to hone his craft and is now hailed as one of the best by both the racing and tuning community. In the pursuit of perfecting his art form Wong continually attends numerous tuning seminars and courses. Through the delicate interplay of air, fuel, and timing an engine can be transformed into a true work of art! “Proper vehicle tuning is not as simple as a trial and error process as many believe; rather it is only through the culmination of experience and training that a vehicle can be tuned correctly.” (B. Wong)

Our Thoughts on Vehicle Tuning

OEM ECUs are conservatively tuned to say the least. However, to unlock the true potential of any vehicle whether or not engine, drivetrain or exhaust modifications exist; proper vehicle tuning is quintessentially the key in maximizing power output and optimizing efficiency. At Advance Power House we are proud to have safely achieved as much power as possible from street and full blown race vehicles for many years through meticulous road, track, and dyno tuning. Among other engine management systems, we specialize in HONDATA, UPREV, MOTEC, AEM, HALTECH, APEXI POWER FC, and GREDDY


  • EFI Unversity – EFI-101
  • EFI Unversity – EFI-Advanced
  • EFI Unversity – EFI-MoTec V3
  • EFI Unversity – Approved High-Performance EFI Tuner
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